step 5: film shooting in Austria

film shooting in Austria

In Austria it's all about leaving or staying for love - film director Beatrix Brunschko explains possible reasons.

step 4: film shooting in Germany

film shooting in Germany

Christoph Jungmann from the Gorillas explains the challenges of a film shoot in Berlin on the Christopher Street Day during the Soccer World Cup.

step 3: Meeting and festival in Lyon

Meeting and festival in Lyon

First directors and dramaturg meeting including a theatratical gathering using the material collected in the research phase.

research in Slovenia

research in Slovenia

Kolektiv Narobov's research on brain drain in Slovenia: A short insert from the interviews with young intellectuals who moved out of Slovenia, answering the question "What is home?".

Step 2: Research in Sweden

Research in Sweden

Leaving and returning to a small town in the north of Sweden - a moodboard about the Swedish theme (only in Swedish).

Step 2: Research in Germany

Research in Germany

The director of the German part of the movie - Ludger Lemper - talks about transgender people, researching in a bar and cliches.

Step 1: Kick-off in Stockholm

Kick-off in Stockholm

First impressions from the project's kick-off meeting, which took place in Stockholm at the end of October 2013.