The project will be conducted by five partner organisations: Die Gorillas (DE), Stockholms Improvisationsteater (SE), Combats Absurdes (FR), Theater im Bahnhof Graz (AT) and Kolektiv Narobov, represented by the organisation Zavod Federacija Ljubljana (SI).


Die Gorillas are one of Germany`s most reputable professional improvisational theatre companies. They are based in Berlin, where they have built a very large audience in more than 15 years of the company`s existence, resulting in regular performances in different venues across the city, almost every day of the week. Apart from a very dense schedule of their own theatre events, The Gorillas regularly work as cultural educators, teaching  theatre courses for young people in local schools and offering regular workshops in improvisation and collective storytelling for amateurs as well as communication and presentation coaching for business professionals. Last but  not least, for the past 12 years Die Gorillas have been yearly organizing Europe's biggest international festival of improvised theatre, inviting artists from all corners of the world, thus making Berlin a hub for the international improvisation scene.


Stockholms Improvisationsteeater (SE) is Sweden`s oldest improvisational theatre company. Apart from connecting improvisation to the traditions of European classical theatre and its authors such as Shakespeare and Strindberg, Stockholms Improvisationstheater also focuses on the teaching of collective storytelling skills through workshops and courses for amateurs, as well as applying the idea of collective storytelling in the context of business trainings and events.


Compagnie Combats Absurdes (FR) is an ensemble of professional performers from Lyon, who have been focusing on linking their improv experience to specific traditions and authors of the French theatre, such as Molière and Ionesco, thus developing a new approach to collective storytelling based on the exploration of language and classical texts. Furthermore, the members of the company have been regularly organizing the festival of improvisation in the arts “Spontanéous”, which is based on an experimental approach to collective storytelling and covers different artistic genres from puppetry to music and film. It is one of the networking centres of the francophone improvisation scene as it attracts artists from Switzerland to Québec. Compagnie Combats Absurdes was also one of the initiators of the international collaboration on applying collective storytelling to working with young people from disadvantaged
social milieus.


Theater im Bahnhof (AT) from Graz is one of the most reputable professional independent theatre companies in the German-speaking world. The work of the ensemble, which spans a period of more than 20 years, has been devoted to a unique mix of the tradition of popular theatre (Volkstheater) with cutting-edge experimental performing arts, combining on improvisational pieces with the staging politically controversial texts of contemporary authors (e.g. Jelinek) and the creation of unique, site-specific performances. Through the intensive collaboration with different local communities and organizations, especially when dealing with social and political hot topics, Theater im Bahnhof's trademark is connecting local stories to global issues.


Kolektiv Narobov (SI), represented by the organisation Zavod Federacija Ljubljana (SLO) is a professional performing arts collective from Ljubljana. The Narobovs have developed their own specific style by experimenting with improvisation in different performance contexts, from physical theatre to cabaret and music shows, radio plays and street performances. Apart from their work across different genres, the Narobovs seek to fuse their individual expertise in different fields (cultural studies and philosophy, social work and education) into new ways of understanding the role
of improvisation as collective storytelling in a broader artistic and social context. In Slovenia, the Narobovs have been a steady ensemble of their umbrella organisation Zavod Federacija Ljubljana. Through intensive tours of guest performances across Europe and North America, the Narobovs have built a wide artistic network and developed it further by their annual international festival of theatre improvisation “Naked Stage”.