"Should I stay or should I go?" - THE MOVIE

Five European theatre groups collectively created a feature film consisting of five sequences, but always starring the same five players and exploring the question of why people are staying in or leaving a place.

In Austria it follows people who move (or don't) to a different country for love, Germany broaches the issue of the transition of gender, Slovenia concentrates on the effects and reasons of the "brain drain", France's central theme is the work place between self-fulfillment and self-abandonment and in Sweden, the focus lies on family ties and cohesion in rural areas.

The actors Julie Doyelle (Lyon), Per Gottfredsson (Stockholm), Lorenz Kabas (Graz), Sonja Vilc (Ljubljana) and Michael Wolf (Berlin) used the experiences from their research for this feature film that explores the application of improvisation and the term of Collective Storytelling in film.

In German, Slovenian, French and Swedish.
Subtitles available in English, German, Slovenian, French and Swedish.
Length: 95 minutes.

Directors: Beatrix Brunschko, Maja Dekleva Lapajne, Ludger Lemper, Philippe Muyard, Klaus Salminen.

A production of Gorilla Theater e.V.

A collective storytelling project presented by GORILLA THEATER E.V. and COMBATS ABSURDES and KOLEKTIV NAROBOV/ZAVOD FEDERACIJA and STOCKHOLMS IMPROVISATIONSTEATER and THEATER IM BAHNHOF with the support of the culture programme of the European Union.

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