Book: Collective Improvisation from Theatre to Film and Beyond
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Collective Improvisation - From Theatre to Film and Beyond
by Sonja Vilč
(Maska Publishing / Kolektiv Narobov / Zavod Federacija)

A unique and thought-provoking text about the past, present and future of improvisation in theatre, film and politics.

What do Keith Johnstone, Viola Spolin and Del Close have in common?
How exactly did they develop their everlasting principles of theatre improvisation that are applied in so many different fields up to this day? And what social circumstances led to their innovations?

What is applied improvisation in film? How can you make an improvisational film and why?

What does a specific approach to collective action, a kind of implicit philosophy of being and acting together through improvisation have to do with the with the understanding of communities, and with the political processes of decision-making?

Sonja Vilč, a member of the Slovenian Kolektiv Narobov, managed to draw a common thread through all of these questions within one single book!

Sonja participated as an actor in the "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" project and during the 2-year period diligently wrote down all the knowledge that was created through this improvisational film and theatre experiment. The result – a book with the title „Collective Improvisation: From Theatre to Film and Beyond“ is a fascinating view on what improvisation was in its beginnings, what it is today and what it could be in the future.

Table of content of the book "Collective Improvisation"

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