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Foto: Borut Bučinel

So we did the test shoot, including as much steps of the procedure as possible, just to make sure how it goes and what it means as to contents, style and manner of acting, aesthetic and technical issues, social atmosphere, organisation and logistics, time and money, and everything else. It turned out fine, the small team was efficient, had fun and learned all the while.

The only ambiguous and whimsy factor turned out to be the weather. In the early morning, the weather forecast for that day was: morning sunny with clouds, afternoon rain. Maja messaged that we shall change the plan accordingly and shoot first in the open air. So we gathered for a coffee and a preparatory talk in a cafeteria nearby, but the sky was getting more and more grey. So we changed the plan for the third time, accordingly: we will first shoot the interior scene. So we packed the gear and just came in when it started to rain.
The weather is just like Slovene politics: they proclaim something positive and nice, but when it comes to the execution, something else comes out. And one can even predict it: it's rather the opposite of what was declared, and it's always on the account of ordinary people and in favour of the »elite«.

It also happened in connection with this project: the expert commission at the Ministry of Culture confirmed and declared the importance and great value of this project, but one day after the successful test shoot we were informed that they did not assign any financial means to the project.

However, as long as the adverse factors are only crooked politics and capricious weather, and all the rest is positive and filled with energy and enthusiasm, we’ll be doing fine. At least for the duration of this project.

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