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Breakfast at 0800 – first morning meeting. Klaus, the director, has put in his contacts in the wrong eye so he’s practically blind. Everyone’s desperate for coffee and when we finally get it, it’s strong as hell. We talk about the day. We play an impro show tonight at Västerbottensteatern (the big theatre in Skellefteå) – yay!

First we discuss beard trimming and/or dyeing. Can we make a character look older by dyeing his beard? The discussion ended with a proper trimming.
Klaus leaves to pick up photographer Bratti at the airport. Others help clean up the kitchen. We practice Swedish dialects. People are surprisingly good at it! We read Swedish newspapers and hymn books.

I write everything down. EVERYTHING. Every little step from recipes to ETA’s to bookings has to be planned. Everyone is so nice! The hotel staff is wonderful. Michaels phone discharge and without PIN or PUK code only a phone call to his wife back in Germany can fix the situation. Yeah, and with many thanks to Lorentz’s fantastic number memory.

Now it’s clothes and makeup-hunt in central Skellefteå! At least for me, Adde and Sonja. Then off to Västerbottensteatern who welcomed us with open arms. They have a HUGE costume wardrobe. Was able to find a perfect hat for Sonja’s character “Maria” among other things. David, who works at Västerbottensteatern, went to his father in law to pick up a priest costume. Everyone’s really helpful!

The impro show was MAGIC! People just died of laughter seeing the improvisers attempts to imitate the people of Skellefteå, how they live, how they behave and so on. And, of course, the DIALECT. This special, Swedish, northern dialect. The first act was played in English and the second one in everyone’s own language and it was amazingly funny.

Tomorrow is the first day of filming – YAY!

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