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Our French partners from Compagnie Combats Absurdes asked French poets for their ideas and thoughts about the topic "Should I stay or should I go?" In their blog they published the following poem by Jp Simeon that we like to share with you in the English translation:

The question "Should I stay or should I go ?" we have to answer against the common sense (never trust the "common sense") : "Where I go, I remain" or - not worth less - "Remaining, I go". We have no choice: to choose only one term of the contradiction means to die. What remains stationary on-site gets dry and makes someone being fed up with oneself and who only is perpetually in motion soon loses consistency without an airflow trace. We need support, we need a place, a home, a memory and at the same time we need that particular step that frees ourselves from it all and makes us feel new.

«Exile is a pain and a chance» both have said in their own ways: Andrée Chedid and Mahmoud Darwish. Nomads, let's remain deep-rooted in our humanity, the common ground. "Marry and do not marry your home ", René Char has beautifully written. It must be our wish to live intensely this opposition of being afraid and confident, because there is no other destiny for man.
Jp Simeon . 17 janvier 2014

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