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The movie is out to the world, the conference is over - it's done, we did it, everyone did it.

Weeks of doing pr and press work, preparing badgets and info packages, organising pick ups from and to airports, catering, technical equipment... Followed by days full of congratulations, appreciation, of being proud and relieved. Many moments of exchange and remembrance, sitting, talking, laughing.

In three and a half days many of the people who were involved came together. Some of them knew each other before, some worked together in this project, some met the first time. It took almost three years from the first meeting of all partners until this moment where the products of the project are almost completed: Movie, book, documentary. It was good to have the team together for the presentation of what all have achieved.

Now the movie along with the book will be presented in each country. After that one more evaluation meeting of the project partners in Ljubljana will take place. At last (but not least) the final project report has to be written. It's not over yet.


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