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My name is Monika.
It is day five of our shooting.
At the moment I do not sleep much. Nobody else does, I suppose,
and I love it.

Our working space in Graz is packed with international artists.
It is such an exciting and inspiring spot of art.
It is time for a list
(during one of the rare breaks)

A Slovenian woman and a German man are discussing in our sofa landscape.
An Austrian is laughing out loud. I missed the joke.
A Bosnian musician is rehearsing in the room next door for a Sarajevo project.
A Swedish guy is arriving out of the cold from the bike trip he made to get inspiration for his role.
An Austrian woman is busy gathering costumes and props for the next scene to be done.
Another Austrian organiser is telephoning until her ear is burning to make things possible.
A French woman is on her laptop.
A German director is everywhere, where is he?
A Nigerian taxi driver just came by to get his money because he was part of the cast the other day.
A caterer of whatever nationality is bringing the food for lunch.
A sound guy has a red nose due to the cold weather, but his spirits are high.
Two camera guys from Vienna just passed by to have some quick lunch.
An editor from Vienna is invisible all the time, she is sitting on her computer sorting out the material from yesterday.
An Austrian actor is training billiards for his next theatre performance in another room
(you can sometimes hear despite of all the buzz the soft sound of the billiard balls tenderly touching).

There is one adorable woman I hardly ever meet these days:
Our director Trixi. She is doing a fantastic job out there.

But when we happen to meet for a cigarette at the coffee machine,
we are looking at each other, nodding gently,
and I can see in her eyes her strain, her responsibility and... her happiness.

CU in the evening for a drink, guys. You earned it.
And in the night when everybody is asleep, the batteries for the equipment are being recharged for the coming day.
And ours as well.

It is a good time.
An intensive  time.
A time to remember.
For sure.

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