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Berlin shoot Transgender – For a week in July, I supported the SOG Berlin shoot as a volunteer. Actors and characters tried to get into the feel of encounters with Transgender, in very different ways, and through the means of telling impro situations.
Oh Yes, this setup was a challenge in itself!

Honestly… until right before the film shoot Berlin started, I was challenged by the outset of my participation as a volunteer – should I really go for it? I did, and in spite of being an ordinary person without any professional knowledge about filmmaking, I think I could be really helpful: as a costume assistant, in the make-up department, when organizing logistical stuff, or with a smile on my face every day.  

Most of the time I was lucky to be close to the film shooting and it was amazing to work within different types of professionals. Especially during the shoot in Hahenhorst it was a hard, intensive and also crazy time: working and living together in the countryside out in the nowhere - during the time I felt that there was a strong team-spirit, especially between us in film service. We had all one goal in common: to give our best into this experimental film project and to support each other. And although the film crew consisted mostly of long-term professionals we were among equals and it was an uncomplicated together with us volunteers.

At the end, we got through it and finished the last shot in Berlin with almost the whole
film crew, a worldcup-football match on TV and a lot of beer...
So I have to say…I`m really glad to have made this experience and take part in this project. I don`t want to miss any moment of it and would always do it again.

Saskia Danckwerth, volunteer in the German film crew, about the film shoot in Berlin and Hahnenhorst.

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