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Against the common sense

The question "Should I stay or should I go ?" we have to answer against the common sense (never trust the "common sense") : "Where I go, I remain" or - not worth less - "Remaining, I go". [more]

Per Gottfredsson from Stockholms Improvisationsteater
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Research in Sweden

My head is aching, I have a running nose and every time I cough, it feels like a great workhorse has kicked me in the chest. The only reason that I am awake and sitting up is that Sweden is beating Finland in the Olympic ice-hockey tournament! [more]

Per Gottfredsson from Stockholms Improvisationsteater
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Research in France

We have interviewed a few people suffering at work. Some of them decided to quit their job, some didn't. This audio file gives an idea of the feeling we had while listening to them: a lot of despair until they decide to quit. [more]

Maja Dekleva Lapajne from Kolektiv Narobov
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research in Slovenia

To dive even deeper and to get some more inspiration, I decided to add some graphic responses to our topic of research and the situation in Slovenia: brain drain. [more]

Michael Wolf from Die Gorillas
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Research in Germany

It certainly requires some deep thinking, consideration and reflection to imagine disliking the own body so strongly, that one just wants to get rid of it. [more]