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film shooting in Sweden

Breakfast at 0800 – first morning meeting. Klaus, the director, has put in his contacts in the wrong eye so he’s practically blind. Everyone’s desperate for coffee and when we finally get it, it’s strong as hell... [more]

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Berlin shoot

Berlin shoot Transgender – For a week in July, I supported the SOG Berlin shoot as a volunteer. Actors and characters tried to get into the feel of encounters with Transgender, in very different ways, and through the means of telling impro situations. Oh Yes, this setup was a challenge in itself! [more]

Foto: Borut Bučinel
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Test shoot in Slovenia

So we did the test shoot, including as much steps of the procedure as possible, just to make sure how it goes and what it means as to contents, style and manner of acting, aesthetic and technical issues, social atmosphere, organisation and logistics, time and money, and everything else. It turned out fine, the small team was efficient, had fun and learned all the while. [more]

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Film shooting in Graz

My name is is day five of our shootingat the moment I do not sleep much. Nobody else does, I suppose,and I love it [more]

Maja Dekleva Lapajne from Kolektiv Narobov
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5 directors communicate

Theatre people prefer to work and meet live. Prefer to hug, squeeze, touch hands, punch or at least talk to each other while experiencing the breath coming from each other's mouths. [more]